About the company

(Reuters) "Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but only if they are natural."
This is the message that the diamond companies and jewelers involved in the promotion of jewelry luxury products strive to convey to consumers, while the trade of diamonds is facing a growing challenge from the producers of synthetic diamonds.

Worldwide sales of jewelry diamonds surpasses $72 billion a year, according to the World Diamond Council. Such jewelers as Tiffany and also diamond mining companies, as De Beers, stress that the natural diamonds - extracted with great difficulties and often with great risk - are much more valuable than those manufactured by human hands.
However, to distinguish them one from another may be quite difficult.

Synthetic diamonds can be produced in the laboratory so that they will have the same features  as natural stones. Artificially grown crystals are the future of the jewelry industry.

ApanCom SRL  specializes on marketing of rough synthetic diamonds  of jewelry quality and excellent polished diamonds, cut from the best samples of synthetic monocrystals.